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If you would like to purchase our wonderful furniture you may either:

Collect the furniture yourself,
arrange your own courier or use a courier whom customers of ours have used in the past.

Collections are possible Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm only.

We do not deliver the sets ourselves, but can recommend a courier whom customers of ours have used in the past. This is an independent company not associated with us, who can deliver our beautiful sets to most of the U.K.  The cost of the courier is at the customers expense.

We can forward the courier details onto you so you may contact them direct for a quote to your location.

Couriers are usually busy and can only collect and deliver on certain days of the week. Our recommended courier offers low rates as long as customers are flexible with delivery dates and times. If you are not flexible, please use an alternative courier.

You may ask our recommended courier if he can deliver in the evening to you if you work.

We require 24 notice from the courier prior to collection and a time.

We ask for a 21 day lead time from cleared payment to completion of your order depending on workload at the time of order. We will aim to have the set ready by the end of the lead time but may sometimes encounter slight delays. We will let you know if we are expecting any delays with your set. Once the set is complete and only once full payment has been received, may the courier then be arranged. Even though we aim to have the set ready by the end of the 21 day lead time, we cannot guarantee your chosen courier can collect the very next day. The courier will then let you know the day they will be delivering the set to you.

The courier we recommend is not linked to us in any way.
We recommend them as customers of ours have used them in the past and found them to be efficient and professional.

Please note:
All of our furniture is thoroughly inspected prior to despatch to ensure it is in 100% perfect condition and as described on our listings or website.
We take no responsibility to any damage which may occur to the goods during transport.  If the courier damages your goods, you may contact the courier and deal with the problem directly with your chosen courier.

We also take no responsibility for any couriers level of service as they are independent companies from us and we are merely recommending them.
Please ensure you have confirmed a collection date with the courier and ensure this information is passed onto us.

It is the full customers responsibility to chase up the courier for collection and delivery of the goods. We deal with multiple couriers per week so cannot chase up every courier. We will ensure  we have the goods ready for the courier only once the courier has contacted us personally to confirm a collection date.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required by the courier so we can ensure we are available for the collection. This also gives us time to shrink wrap the set as this is only done 24 hours prior to collection of the set.

If you would like the courier to collect the set on a Monday morning, the courier must contact us no later than Friday  9am so we have time to prepare the set for collection. If the courier contacts us any later than 9am, the set will not be ready until Tuesday morning.

It is up to the customer to make your own choice over which courier company you do choose.

Please enquire with the courier with regards to their insurance cover, we recommend you ask the courier to carry blankets to further protect the furntire during transport.


The courier cost for returns will run at the customers expense.

The below does not apply to Bespoke orders or made per order items. If a Bespoke order or an item made to order has been made, the below returns policy does not apply. Once we have commenced work on a Bespoke order or an order made to order, returns will not be accepted nor will cancellations as the set is bespoke or made per customer order. Unless the item is found to be faulty upon arrival in which case you must notify us immediately and sign a declaration to the courier explaining what the damage is. If the above is not adhered to we reserve the right to not accept a return.

We normally request full payment in advance of us commencing work. In certain circumstances, we will ask for a 25% deposit payable in advance of us commencing work. Either payment of 25% or full payment, will be non-refundable for all Bespoke orders or orders made to order once work has commenced.

For refurbished or vintage orders, if you change your mind, the customer has 7 working days from the date of purchase to inform us they wish to return the goods. You then have an aditional 14 days in which to return the goods to us. Once 14 days have passed we reserve the right to not accept a return on the goods.

If for any reason you change your mind and would like to return the goods to us, it is important that any unwanted item is returned in a re-saleable condition, undamaged, unused and has not been tampered with in any way. If any of the above is not adhered to, this may affect the amout we refund to you.

Once we receive the goods and have inspected them, we will then issue you with a refund. The cost for delivery and for returning the item will run at the customers expense.

If the item is delivered to you and found to be faulty upon arrival, you may return it to us so we can fix the problem or for a refund. These options will be discussed with you prior to sending the goods back to us.
Once we have received the item and have inspected it, we will then proceed to issue you with a refund, this will not include the initial delivery courier cost.

If the item is faulty upon arrival, we may arrange to have the item collected depending on distance, once we have received it, we will refund you. We may ask you to send us photos of the damaged item prior to sending the item back to us.

A return will also depend on the amount of time you have had the furniture for. If you have owned the furniture for over 3 months, as wood is a natural product and requires certain levels of care, we will not be able to offer a refund or exchange as we have no means of knowing how you have stored or cared for your furniture.

Please ensure you care for your table as follows:

All wood must be allowed to come to a state of balance with its environment in order to prevent moisture-related damage. This state of balance is called equilibrium moisture content, or EMC.
For example, if a table top is sealed off with a pvc cover, this will cause naturally ocurring moisture only to penetrate from below the table, the uncovered side. This will cause the lower side to swell while the upper, sealed off side remaines the same. This can result in a warp in the table. Without the pvc cover on top, both sides would have absorbed moisture evenly and the table would have expanded and contracted with minimal (or no) warping.

To avoid this from happening, do not cover your table top on a permanent basis as this will imbalance the equilibrium of the table. Only use covers or coasters when in use and remove once you have finished your meal.

***To clean the table, lightly dampen a cloth with water or use a microfiber cloth that will cling to dust particles on its own. Wipe up spillages promptly and never allow water to sit on the table top!

****Do not place the table next to a radiator. The temperature changes could damage the wood with warping or splitting. Also, store any extra leaves near the table itself. This ensures that the leaf will not warp or swell/contract differently from the table. If you store the leaf in a basement or attic, the moisture and temperature differential could take its toll.

***Watch humidity levels. As with all woodwork, from flooring to trim, from dining tables to other furnishings, try to keep humidity levels in your home between 40 and 45%. Any lower could crack the wood and any higher could cause swelling. This may mean running a humidifier in the winter and an a/c or de-humidifier in the summer.

***If the above is not adhered to, this will invalidate any warranties offered.

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